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The Women's Group and Forum

A New Group and Forum will be forming Tuesday, November 18 2014
Facilitated by
Susana Sorí

A New Women's' Group is being started. It will be meeting on a weekday evening, twice a month.
If you are interested in joining, send us an email at susana@lifecoaching-miami.com

Group Details

Each Group Forum will start with a short presentation on a particular focus or theme. The Forum will then continue to address issues, challenges and solutions as they are brought forth within the group.

$65 per 3 hour Forum.
$245 for prepaid series of four.

Dates and times:
A weekday evening, 6:30 - 9:30 pm. This group meets every other week.

Tana's Gathering Place, Miami Beach FL
Details with pre-registration.




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