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Our Life Coaching Sessions

Partnering with You, Our Focus is Your Success

Our life coaching is focused on direct and realizable results that work for you.
We determine what your needs are and what will best support you.
We have at our disposal a wide range of effective coaching and transforming modalities
and options that can be tailor made to optimize your progress and success.

We judge our results by your success, not by how well you adapt to coaching models
that may not address your needs. Most of our clients come from referrals.


We have had great success over the years using a two-step process:

1. Determining your goals, needs and path to success. To that end, we integrate traditional life coaching methods with energy medicine healing modalities to support you in moving forward, and to shift or clear what may have been holding you back.

We have found that providing this combination of services can greatly accelerate your progress. If you are like most people, the initial clearing of what may be holding you back can save you months of effort, frustration, time and money.

2. We partner with you towards realizing your goals and practical steps towards success. That partnering can be on an individual appointment basis, as needed, or on a pre-set extended package that suits your direct needs for on-going support and follow-up, tailored to your budget.

Individual Appointments

The initial session:
Life coaching and an extensive energy healing session, so that there is an immediate and positive shift forward for you. Our initial session with you helps to address your major concerns and your own focus for moving forward.

We take the time to address the depth of your concerns, and to successfully help you move forward in that session. The approximate session time is  1.5 to 2 hrs.

We use flat session fees rather than hourly rates, in order to be flexible with the time needed to achieve positive results for you. Follow-up by phone or email is included.
Call us at 305 866 9396 or  Contact Life Coaching Miami for more detailscontact us by email for more details and pricing.

Additional sessions: Partnering with you, we offer a range of modalities to help you move forward towards your goals. We are result based. Each session determines what would be most beneficial as the next step and focuses on helping you shift forward, resolving a particular issue with you, or helping you align more successfully towards success. The session time is approximately 1.5 hrs.

Additional sessions can be in-person or by phone. For phone sessions after the initial session, the cost is less. Follow-up by phone or email is included.



Our Extended Packages

We also offer packages of Life Coaching as determined by your needs. These are more economical than individual sessions and have the advantage of establishing a partnering commitment with you over a more extended period. Our monthly package is the most popular:

Our Monthly Package

2 full extended in-person sessions each month. Each In-person session is approx. 1.5 hours, and will focus on removing at least one major obstacle or limitation that has been holding you back.

We have found that clients benefit the most, when they have the opportunity to have issues resolved at the core and that sufficient time and focus is given to do that. Therefore, we offer 2 in-depth sessions that get the work done, and include follow up and support in-between to help you maintain results and momentum. As a result of this combination, our clients have made greater progress in the shortest amount of time.

In addition to the 2 full extend in-person session, our monthly package offers phone and email follow-up as well as up to 3 'mini-sessions' that are also included each month as needed by you to support your progress during each month. This means that you can arrange to have a mini-session or get that timely support when it matters most, in order to maintain your moving forwards. It also means that we will be contacting you through the month to see how you are doing and what support you need.

As part of the monthly package, additional full sessions by phone may be added at your request, for an additional small fee.   

Contact Us

We welcome an opportunity to talk to you by phone, to answer any questions that you may have, and to provide you with more details about what we offer, our credentials, and our areas of expertise.

We also invite you to make a complimentary in-person appointment to talk to us directly, to get to know as and to see how well we can work together to support you.

Call us at 305 866 9396

Life Coaching Miami and Contactscontact us by email for more details and  pricing.






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