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  Life Coach Roman Oleh Yaworsky, integrating healing, energy medince, and life coaching, supporting Miami and South Florida, copyright ©2012 Roman Oleh Yaworsky

Life Coach Roman Oleh Yaworsky

Roman Oleh Yaworsky adds a wealth of experience as a life coach, astrologer, healer, and author, setting the tone for his client’s understanding, healing and transformation. In the last few years, he has created innovative and original workshops to help individuals and corporations to move towards their greater potential.

Roman's latest book: Being Centered, is a practical and innovative guide to reconnecting to one’s core, will and power. It is often referred to as a 'life coach in a book'. The book identifies both the obstacles and the opportunities for growth, within an insightful and novel context. Published 2007, SpiritUnleashed TM, Miami.

Roman has pioneered new approaches to life coaching, healing and support of clients for their positive growth success and transformation. The new approach identifies where and how a client was held back from the full expression of their joy, power and spirit and determines and provides practical means to return to center, balance and full expression.

In the last ten years Roman has formulated a means of identifying the interactive resonant patterns in couples and families as well as within corporations and departments, focusing on the patterns of communication and the interactive dynamics. This reveals not only the strengths and challenges, but where the improvements are hiding; where the right effort is most likely to bring success.

Professional Training and Qualifications

Medical Illustration, B.Sc. AAM, University of Toronto

Biochemistry H.B.Sc., University of Western Ontario

Luminous Healing & Energy Medicine, Healing the Light Body Program, The Four Winds Society

Shamanic arts practitioner in the Inca Healing Tradition of Peru

Ordained Minister

Practitioner Resonance Repatterning® System

Spiritual Counseling and Meditation Support, SYDA Foundation

Chi Gong, Jerry Alan Johnson


Past member, International Association of Counselors and Therapists

Healing Staff, The Yellow Courtyard Collaborative Healthcare


Being CenteredTM
A practical and innovative guide to reconnecting to spirit through the heart. It identifies both the obstacles and opportunities for growth within a spiritual context. Published 2007, SpiritUnleashedTM, Miami.
Being Centered by Life Coach Roman Oleh Yaworskymore



Life and Relationship Coaching
Life Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Life Direction, Individual and Couple dynamics assessment and intervention.

Healing and Energy Medicine
Life coach, Healer and Educator, Healing modalities from yoga and native traditions, including Inca healing of the human energy field, Resonance Repatterning® for individuals and couples, spiritual advising and awakening support.

Spiritual Astrology
Revealing your optimal life direction, where you tend to get stuck, where your success lies and the practical keys to recover the fullness of your personal power, joy and effectiveness in your relationships and career.

Corporate and Executive Coaching
Executive, business and life coaching, Leadership training,  Effective Presentations, Corporate dynamics assessment and intervention, Interactive coaching workshops, Improving the dynamics of work groups and administrative communication.

Lecturer, Motivational Speaker and Creator of Innovative Workshops and Courses
Roman Oleh Yaworksky has created workshops and courses that take students to a deeper understanding and appreciation of the subject. He is known for an engaging and dynamic personal style that draws on his very comprehensive background in the sciences, art, healing and spiritual traditions.

A sample of workshops and courses created by Roman Oleh Yaworsky:

The ChakrasThe Nature & Influence of the Chakras TM
A detailed and practical two day workshop that will show you how to access the information and intuitive knowing hidden in your own chakra system

The ChakrasSurviving Change TM
A two day practical emersion revealing your optimal energetic stance during major shifts and changes

The ChakrasFree Your Destiny:
Move Beyond Your Fate
This two day workshop is part of several continuing education programs for healers and therapists. It reveals the energy depleting patterns that get us stuck and steal from our possibilities. This workshop provides the practical keys that unlock our success and break our old non-resonant patterns.

The ChakrasTransforming Times TM
This two day workshop provides invaluable information and understanding of both the significance and hidden gifts in the major transforming times in our lives.

The ChakrasThe CORE TM Principle
Roman Oleh Yaworsky developed the CORE TM Principle to give management teams and companies a new way of describing the dynamics that hold both the growth of their companies and the interaction of their staff. This workshop offered as a component of corporate coaching programs.

The ChakrasBeing Centered TM
A series of workshops based on Roman's book: Being Centered

The Chakras Improving the Destiny of Your Relationships TM
Whether you are trying to shift the course of a marriage, partnership or your relationship with your boss, this workshop reveals the keys to shifting your interaction with others in a more positive and rewarding direction.



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