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Life Coach Susana Sori, Life Coaching and Energy Medicine, supporting Miami and South Florida, copyright ©2012 Susana Sori

Life Coach and Healer Susana Sorí

A Master Life Coach and agent of personal transformation, Susana Sori has helped thousands of clients move forward through her warm heart, courage and steadfast resolve.

Susana Sori has a worldwide practice, offering profound transformational support in her life coaching to clients via individual, couple and group sessions...by phone and by proxy.

In addition to her local clients in Miami and South Florida, Susana has been supporting a clientele by phone from all over the Us and an international clientele from Canada, North, Central and South America, Europe, South Africa, Australia and China. Susana is fluent in English, Spanish and French.

In Susana's words:
"I welcome the opportunity to support you in the continuing journey that opens up more possibilities for your growth and greatness."

Professional Training and Qualifications

B.A. Humanities, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI

Degree in Graphics and Communication Arts, Kendal College of Art & Design, MI

Advanced Studies, Vedanta, Siddha Peeth, Maharastra, India 

Certified Teacher, Institute for Energy Medicine

Advanced Master Program, The Four Winds Society

Certified Practitioner Resonance Repatterning® System

Certified Teacher of Yoga, Breath Work, SYDA Foundation


International Association of Counselors and Therapists

Contributing Editor, Holographic Repatterning Assoc., Trade Publication

The Society of Shamanic Practitioners

Healing Staff, The Yellow Courtyard Collaborative Healthcare

Oscar B. Cintas Fellow, since 1981



Life Coaching:
Life coaching for individuals, couples and groups. Creativity and Creative Breakthroughs. Life Coaching for writers, musicians, actors, performers and the media. Effective presentations. Releasing creative blocks, Life Direction, Goal setting, Individual Processes for Change, Mediation and resolution of individual and family dynamics.

Corporate and Executive Coaching:
Mediation and resolution of individual and group dynamics, Executive, business and life coaching, Leadership training, Conflict Resolution, Employee Relations, Communication, Effective Presentations, Corporate Renewal, Management Consulting for Groups and Corporate Teams, Task Resolution, Resonance Repatterning® for Groups and Teams, Shifting the Dynamics of Groups.

Healing and Alternative Medicine:
Life coach, Healer and Educator, Healing modalities from yoga and native traditions, including Inca healing of the human energy field, Resonance Repatterning® for individuals and couples, meditation and breath work, spiritual advising and awakening support.

Assistance for Health Care Workers:
Partnership and support of hospice nurses, social workers, clergy, health care workers. Assistance in bringing ease of being and peace at the emotional, mental and spirit levels under distressing or crisis situations.

Coaching for the Creative Community and the Performing Arts:
Susana Sori has been partnering with artists, performers, actors and members of the creative community, supporting their creative breakthroughs and success.
Susana herself is an established exhibiting artist. Her work has been exhibited internationally and is part of several permanent collections. You can see her online gallery here: www.susanasori.com


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