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Life Coaching, Personal Development and Healing

Life Coaching and
Workshops and Publications for healing and transformation. Spirit Unleashed published Being Centered by Roman Oleh Yaworsky, hailed as a life coach in a book. Continuing education courses (CE and CEU) for the healing and counseling professions in Florida: Nurses, Psychologists (with approval from MQA boards), Clinical Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapy, Mental Health Counselors, Massage Therapists, Midwives as well as support for those in transition.

Energy Healing and Resonance Repatterning with Life
Energy Healing, Resonance Repatterning R and Life Coaching for individuals, couples and companies.

Life Coaching integrated with energy healing and
Energy Healing, Resonance Repatterning R  , Life Coaching and Astrology for individuals, couples and companies. Shamanic Astrology, transformational and in-depth readings with a master astrologer..
Executive and Leadership Coaching. Intervention for couples and companies.

In-depth and transformational Astrology readings and sessions. to support your becoming. Master astrology readings that reveal your opportunities for success, where your spirit was held back, and the practical steps to reclaim your life promise.

Life Coaching, Career Coaching and Executive
Life Coaching, Career Coaching and Executive Coaching. Intervention and improvement of employee relations and workgroups. Assessment and remediation of internal dynamics, communication, management and employee interactions.

Energy and Shamanic
Energy Healing, Life Coaching, Energy Medicine, Shamanic Arts, Holographic Repatterning R. An integration of western, eastern and native shamanic and healing arts.

Energy and Shamanic
Inspired Art, based on Sprit, Healing and Energy. Susana Sori's art has been acclaimed for its expression of freedom rooted in the core of being. Her work is part of several permanent collections and has been exhibited world wide. You can visit her online gallery here.


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